Maaike Dittrich

Maaike Dittrich

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Alder: 22
Fødselsdato: 8 mars

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Hello there,

My name is Maaike and I am 19 years old. I am Dutch and originally from Rotterdam (the Netherands) but currently I live in Antwerp (Belgium) for my studies. I study English and German literature and linguistics at the University of Antwerp. I am also part German myself (I have a German dad) and I own a Certificate in Advanced English Grade A, which makes me a level C2 in English.

I love to study language and it would be lovely to find a language partner who could help me with Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic or Finnish.

In turn I could offer you help with English and / or German. Or Dutch of course, if you are interested in that ;).

Best regards,



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