Vika Kahl

Vika Kahl

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Alder: 48

Om meg:

Hi, I am Victoria. Russian by origin, I have been living in the Netherlands with my husband since autumn 2011.

I speak :

- fluent English at C2 level and hold the Cambridge Enlish Proficiency certificate;

- fluent Dutch at C1 level

- fluent German at C1 level and hold Goethe-Zertifikat C1

I used to learn and later speak/write Swedish. Nowadays my Swedish is passive, I can read and understand Swedish really well, but due to strong language interference, i.e. active Dutch and German, I cannot use it actively, which means I am unable to speak and write it. nevertheless, since I am busy with german and Dutch, Swedish words and phrases pop out from my brain now and then, which means my brain is "eager" to refresh the language I have not spoken for a long time. Moreover, I am thinking about learning Norwegian. Of course, I am going further with German.


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